Hair of the Dog

Hello my dears!

Its now 3:17am and I’m back where I belong after a lovely day out in the countryside. I will tell all you kids about that soon but in the meantime let me tell you what I overheard Eva mumble out loud in her sleep just now!

Apparently there is a ‘Drag Idol’ show tomorro… or I should say tonight, at 8pm at Quay Pride in Great Yarmouth! 

It was hard to fully understand just what Eva was saying exactly, what with her face slapped down in the pillow and the alcohol clearly having ran freely. But from what I can tell it involves a group of ladies performing song and comedy in a competition against each other to get into the Drag Idol final. All hosted by a young lady called Stephanie who is on heat for tonight. 

So get down to Quay Pride tonight and vote for your favourite act!





Drag Idol, 27th April 2019, Quay Pride
Quay Pride, Great Yarmouth tonight!

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