A Lovely Day Out at The Convent in Stalham, Norfolk

Every so often Eva allows me to go outside and so she decided on a lovely trip out, in this beautiful weather, into the great Norfolk countryside.

Eva, ever helpful as ever always bless her, first had to collect my new spectacles from the Boots in Market Gates and then off we went! She explained to me in the car that we had some important business involving Great Yarmouth Pride to attend to out there, busy raising most needed funds for our delightful little show this summer. And so we were to visit The Convent in Stalham, which sounded lovely.

After a gentle trip down an acle straight followed by a cheeky wiggle around the rim of Norfolk we found the magic spot and met a gentle and lovely young lady of the name Mary, the hostess and owner of a splendidly isolated country house, who was interested in helping our cause. Mary graciously welcomed us over a nice cup of tea in her lovely oakwood country kitchen and then Mary handed me under the care of one of the nuns of this convent to show me around while the two of them retired to Mary’s office to discuss their business.

The nun, a lovely young lady named Francis, showed me where the guests go, for he tells me the house is used to host large social events as well as a place for worship. I then was showed a large oak cross in the main hall and Francis’ collection of very sturdy hand tools. Although I couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t look like they had touched a garden for ages bless her, but she was obviously very fond of these so I didn’t say anything.

Another lovely cup of tea with Francis followed, this time in the wine cellar who kindly gave me a large red scented candle and a book with some interesting religious yet picturesque photographs by an artist called Robert Mapplethorpe. I shall show this to my elder son Romeo, who always had an eye for the arts.

Eva and Mary then found me just as I was about to go into their modern looking gymnasium and gave me the good news – The Convent was now a Main Sponsor of this years Great Yarmouth & Waveney Pride 2019!

Please read the letter Mary gave me below for more details on The Convent and all the good work they do

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