UPDATE 2: Thomas Anderson (Sasha Spudz) Walking for Mental Health Awareness

Thomas Anderson woke this morning after having a day of rest yesterday and decided today’s destination would be Stowmarket in order to avoid walking the A12.

Walking 12.3 miles, 27,661 steps and burning 1085.7 kcal, Thomas has made it to Stowmarket.

We spoke to Thomas as he reached the end of his walk today, he said

“Hi everyone so I’m finally and my next destination of Stowmarket. Feeling very tired obviously but still enjoying it and and feel very proud of myself. Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow yet but I was considering walking all the way to Norwich but with that being 36 mi it depends how I feel in the morning.”

* Photo provided by Thomas Anderson

Keep going Thomas, we are behind you 100%

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