Update 3:Thomas Anderson (Sasha Spudz) Walking for Mental Health Awareness

Are you all following along with excitement? We are! Can you believe that tomorrow is the final leg of Thomas’ walk for Mind. Remember, If you can to donate to his JustGiving. 

Today, Thomas walked from Diss to Norwich, 49,677 Steps, 15,3 miles and burnt 2062.5 kcal. We have been following along with his lives on Facebook and spoke to him when he arrived at his hotel in Norwich. He Said

“Hello my lovely people. Today I took the Trek from diss to Norwich. I’m not going to lie it hasn’t been a smooth journey by any extent but I was determined to carry on even after twisting my ankle on my good leg and and injuring my bad leg. I love everyone for all the support and hopefully tomorrow I can make the final journey to the best place in the world Great Yarmouth.”

Keep up the good work, rest tonight especially that ankle. 

* Photo’s provided by Thomas Anderson

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