Final update for now:Thomas Anderson (Sasha Spudz) Walking for Mental Health Awareness

Yesterday, during his walk from Norwich to Diss, Thomas Anderson fell hurting his ankle. During the night, he was in a lot of pain and called 111 for advice. He was advised to go to the Norfolk and Norwich A&E and have the ankle checked over. 

The doctors check over Thomas and even took x-rays, luckily no breaks were present. However, they have advised him to finish his walk and rest as much as possible. Therefore, his journey ended in Norwich. 

We spoke to Thomas this morning who was clearly devastated by the news, he said “I have to follow the advice of the doctors at the Norfolk and Norwich. They have advised me to rest up for a few days and allow any pain/swelling to go down. They have said it would be bad for my health to continue the walk at this time. This is disappointing and I hoped to be able to finish the walk. I have decided that I will, once healed, complete the walk from Norwich to Yarmouth or a walk of similar distance to complete the task.”

We would like to assure Thomas that Colchester to Norwich is still an amazing feat and that he should be proud of what he was able to achieve. We know he would have made it to Yarmouth by foot if he was well and able. We look forward to hearing about your next adventure into improving your mental health. 

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