UPDATE: Thomas Anderson (Sasha Spudz) Walking for Mental Health Awareness

Thomas Anderson has made it to Ipswich, a fantastic start to his travels to Great Yarmouth. Walking 18 miles, 37,252 steps and burning 1414.8 kcal in 6 hours 41 minutes. 

We have spoken to Thomas who was very pleased with his progress and how far he has made it today. He is hoping to continue his journey tomorrow but is aware he will be achy. 

He said “Hello everyone today I made it all the way to Ipswich from Colchester which is on my way to Great Yarmouth. I must admit I feel very tired and my feet are like they’re about to drop off but I’m proud of what I done today and hopefully I have raised awareness already but it’s not over yet. Really don’t know how I’m going to feel tomorrow but I will update all of you on Facebook so please keep an eye out.”

We have followed along with his Journey and watched his lives along the route. We are so proud of him for taking a positive step to work on his Mental Health and raise awareness and money for an amazing cause. 

We will keep you updated of his progress as and when he releases it. 

* Photos provided by Thomas Anderson