Hello my dears!

Allow me to introduce myself – I am D, the new editor of GYWP’s blog!

I am reporting live here locked inside Eva’s bedroom closet listening in to all the shenanigans being cooked up by her and the GYWP gang for the first ever Great Yarmouth & Waveney Pride! 

Armed with my ever reliable 3310, Eva’s wi-fi password and an opened bottle of peach schnapps I found here – I am gonna let you guys in on all the juicy gossip and rumour I hear about this historic event, plus some fun bits n’ pieces on all things happening LGBTQ. 

Click, link, share, subscribe, hit the bell and all that right here for all your GYWP2019 needs – 1 of your 5 a day guaranteed! 





Not only my phone, but a calculator and a reusable projectile as well! All a lady could wish for!

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