Great Yarmouth Pride 2019 Black T-Shirt

GYP 2019 T-shirts!

Hello my lovely dearies!

Upon waking up this morning I found a rather exciting treasure that you lot may find interesting.

I found one of the first ever Great Yarmouth Pride 2019 t-shirts! And it was just the right size for my Romeo and would look ever so fetching on him…

Here is a pic I took on my Nokia 3310

Great Yarmouth Pride 2019 Black T-Shirt
GYWP Black T-Shirt

If you want your own just go here and fill in the form:

Or if you want a whole bunch of them then email with your Name, Telephone Number and Sizes to the GYWP gang here:


Look out for my lovely son Romeo out there wearing one! Tell him Mummy loves him!



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