The Days After

Oooo my head dearies!

Its now Monday and I still feel a bit delicate. 4am! The after party was until 4am! Way past my bedtime. 

29th June 2019 was a day in the history of our home. 29th June 2019 was when a team of plucky pioneers, after a year full of many euphoric unicorn-propelled highs and also a couple of heart sinking lows, made Great Yarmouth Pride finally happen!

I can’t say much here that hasn’t already been said before already I think. I have been trying to over the past couple of days and I just can’t and I doubt it’s the hangover. You have plenty to read all over social media and the internet about how important Pride is, how inspiring it is for those in the LGBTQ+ community, about the heroes of Stonewall Inn 50 years ago – if you are here now I bet you have heard it already. But also nothing I write here doesn’t really do justice to the sheer amount of hard work done by everyone in the GYWP gang and to the historical significance of that day for everyone in our home. And I do mean every single man, woman and non-binary, of all ages, of every social class, from people born and bred here to people who have travelled from far and wide, of every political persuasion and of every ability. And of course of all sexualities practiced with respect and responsibility to all.

We are all part of the same rainbow whether you like it or even realise it, and to deny that is to deny that every human is an individual. It is as true as the sky is blue, the grass is green and that we all have our own unique thumbprint. And we won’t stop beaming with Pride until the whole world gives us the respect we deserve as simple human beings.

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, let me share with you here all the pictures I could find from social media, newspapers, websites and friends.

You can see everything you need to know about that day just on the peoples faces.


Thank you all, every single person involved, for making Great Yarmouth Pride happen!



So…. next year – whats the plan for that???



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