Free as a Bird…


Hello my dears,

Eva just gave me this announcement, from a face book apparently, to copy and put on here, I hope I don’t make any spelling mistakes…..


“The trustees of Great Yarmouth & Waveney Pride having considered the feedback provided regarding the 2019 event and having completed budget forecasting have decided to make changes to the proposed event for 2019.

It has been clear from feedback that the public wish for a ‘free’ event. As a result trustees have considered the finances available through fundraising and sponsorship thus far. Without ticket sales the cost of running a ‘free’ event would be too costly and have decided to proceed with only the pride parade and an official after party.

Our intention to hold an open air event has been hindered by a lack of security from grant funding, sponsorship and support through fundraising events. A minimum of £10,000 is required pre event to be able to put on an event like pride and unfortunately we haven’t been able to have sufficient assurances this year that we have the necessary funding available in order to progress with an open air event.

This year’s pride parade will start at Wellesley Road at 11am and commence via the seafront and along Marine Parade. The official pride after party, generously sponsored by The Convent and Quay Pride, will take place at Quay Pride. The programme and full details for this event , including the number 1 Kylie tribute, will be available soon. We are also considering some satellite events to engage a wider cross section of our community across Great Yarmouth & Waveney. We are already working with Beacon Bingo in Lowestoft on an event in July.

Whilst we are disappointed that we are unable to bring an open air event in our first year trustees have started to plan the 2020 event. It is important that fundraising events and sponsorship are fully supported by our community in order to bring the kind of event that through feedback we are informed you desire.

We look forward to a bright and colourful Pride Parade on Saturday 29th June, exactly 50 years from the Stonewall Riots, that were so important in the start of the fight for equality for all in our LGBT+ community.


Phew, that took me a while, now for a nice cup of tea! 



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